Fleming Voetmann, Director of Novozymes, Mentor

Fleming Voetmann, Director of Novozymes, Mentor

Fleming Voetmann

Director of

SEEDtime Mentor






Mr. Voetmann has led Novozymes’ global Public Affairs & Media Relations activities since 2009. Novozymes is a bioinnovation company using biotechnology to improve the use of resources in more than 40 industries around the world. Within the biofuels industry, Novozymes' enzyme technology helps unlock the fuel potential of starch crops and biomass, providing the leading technology platform for bio-ethanol production.

Prior to joining Novozymes, Mr. Voetmann was Head of Corporate Communications at Saxo Bank, the global leader in online investments, responsible for Strategic Communication to stakeholders around the world. He was also a founder Partner at Rostra Communications, one of Scandinavia’s leading Public Affairs and Communications Agencies.

Mr. Voetmann holds an MA in communication from Roskilde University, Denmark, and is an Executive Scholar from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, United States.

Fleming is currently supporting SEEDtime as a mentor seeding innovative start-up thinking inside companies. 

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